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Why Freight Broker Training & Why Us?


Are you looking to start your own freight brokerage firm? Do you want to help connect Shippers and Carriers to make sure that goods are shipped efficiently around the country? If so, then Freight Broker Planet’s  Freight  Broker Training is for you.


Why Freight Broker Training?

Becoming a freight broker provides you with a variety of opportunities. Freight brokers have flexibility in their employment,

 with job opportunities all around the country.

  • Working as a freight broker satisfies our innate need to feel accomplished. The fruits of your labor are immediately visible and tangible. When your work is done, goods are moved efficiently around the United States and you can literally see what you have achieved.
    Freight brokers face new and exciting challenges every day, and they use their skills learned to resolve situations that need resolution.  Our freight broker training modules hone the skills that you have and prepare you to face new and unpredictable challenges by sharing real life situations and what it takes to solve the problem for there customer.


Why Us?

We currently offer four distinct module packages. These packages include:

  • Freight Broker Training Basics
  • Freight Broker Training Plus
  • Freight Agent Training
  • Coaching

These modules cover a variety of materials and provide the training that you need.
Our freight broker training modules are focused on the key areas necessary for your success as a freight broker. These areas include:

  • Organization
  • Human Relations Training
  • How to Obtain Business
  • How to Keep Business
  • How to Negotiate with Shippers and Carriers
  • Problem Solving

Our training provides everything that you need to establish your own successful freight brokerage firm.
We are focused on offering the tools that you need for success, which is why we provide weekly Q&A sessions so that you can ask any questions that you have throughout your training process.

Our training modules include the option for a free LifeTime refresher course. So you can retake any material that you need.
When you are ready to begin your freight broker training, contact Freight Broker Planet at 800-619-5281 or through our
online form today!

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We are members of the Logistics & Transportation Association of North America. International students are welcome. All classes are conducted in English.

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